Friday, 9 December 2011

Work OOTD!

              WORK OUTFIT OF THE DAY!             

It's officially freezing here in Hk! 14 degrees this morning (yes, to us it is equivalent to the artic poles. Or to me at least) So what better time to break out the luxe trenches? 

Shirt and Booties: Zara
Sweater: Moda International
Jeans: Cottonon
Coat: Burberry London (eeeek!)
Clutch: Chloe

Heres a new addition to my wonderful wardrobe that I bought yesterday, the absolutely fab Burberry trench that I am officially madly in love with, I couldn't help wearing it the very next day. 30% off, what a deal! <3 <3

p.s pretty please excuse the puffiness of both eyes and face, the horrible result of a lack of sleep.

till the next,

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