Monday, 5 December 2011

Experimenting with Bokeh: When blurry turns beautiful

Experiment #1 at home

Though completely exhausted from the Far East Movement concert (LIKE A G6 BABY!), I was just so excited about our new blog that i couldn't wait to start a new post!

First post of mine is gonna be about photography!
You know when you get those pro photographers with their large cameras and they manage to get that wonderful macro blurry lights effect? That, my friends is a little something called Bokeh.

Originated from Japan, this technique is super easy and even the most amateur photographers can end up with some pretty amazing shots!

For those lucky ones with a DSLR, Heres how you do it:

* Use a Large Aperture lense ( i.e F1.8 for Cannon or Nikon!) Basically, on your camera, the higher the mm for the aperture is, the more amazing your blurred background (bokeh) will look!

* For beginners out there, try out the Macro feature and see if you can achieve the same effects! i know i did!

*Focus your shots on things that are brightly lit and beautiful set against a background that might have flickers of light behind!

*Non DSLRs don't fret!! Use the Macro tip and you're sure to get some amazing results!!

Don't believe me? Here are two Bokeh shots that I took with just the Macro function and some good lighting and location!

Beautiful Bokeh #2 at my friends beautiful garden in Surrey!

Bokeh shot of dangerous thorns in the Peruvian Amazon! (i've been around ;))

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Till the next,

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