Saturday, 31 December 2011

Till the world ends

My fave layer in a tea set: The savories! <3
Hey all you lovelies out there!

Again, so sorry for the delay but I've been super duper busy this week, New years prep and all! My wonderful wonderful friends are all back in our lovely city and life so far has been a hectic whirlwind of catching up and reminiscing. From High Tea (afternoon tea, english style!), drinks out on the town to quiet nights in, the last week of december is full of laughter and great memories! I hope you all have had an amazing last december week! If there has ever been a reason to live life to the fullest, the on come of the end of the world definitely tops the bill!

Indulging in some afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
Tip: The scones at the Mandarin are some of the absolute BEST in hk!
Rose flavoured jam from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel adds a lovely fragrant touch to all your scones!
My lovely girlies Kim (left) & Mac (right, which you already know ;)
One of my favorite rooftop bars in Hong Kong, Sevva in Princes Building, Central has some delicious mixes!

Sevva also has some of the most GORGEOUS views! 
Pants + Top: Zara, Jacket: BGBG MaxAzria, Tote: LV, Shoes: Millies, Scarf: Streetside

Girls night in with some lovely cakes from Agnes B and some pink bubbly to celebrate Mac passing her driving test!

A bit more  bubbly as the night progresses! MUMM = YUMM!

My lovely girlies + Cranium + Bubbly = an amazing night!
Top the night off with some good old fashioned music + singing! Heres to disney & phantom of the opera!  

 It's nearly the end of the world so LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST you hear me? Perfect excuse to go kiss that boy you've always wanted! If they freak out, just blame it on the end of the world. Meanwhile, I have no doubt that all of your weeks have been as fab as mine! I'd love to hear all about it!

Till the next,


  1. aww, love your blog!
    i hope you have a happy new year!!


  2. Awesome photos... Happy New Year!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. wow....lovely moment with ur friends


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