Friday, 16 December 2011

Starry starry nights


Hello all you lovely people out there,
Sorry for the delay but I was completely exhausted after going out last night. To make up for it, today's OOTN has way more pics. I saw this starry skirt in Zara and completely fell in love with it! I actually saw it on so many people's blogs that I decided to lay low and blog about it later. But i just couldn't help myself! It was so pretty that I had to wear it! Hope you like how I matched it! xxx

Lace top & Midi skirt: Zara
Ankle booties: Ted Baker
Coat: G200
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Streetside in Hong Kong


For those of you who don't know, yesterday was my final day at my South China Morning Young Post internship. Such an amazing experience, so I went out to celebrate with my bestie Samara with some delish japanese food, bubbly, and the handsome sherlock holmes <3 

For dinner we went to the gorgeous Roka Restaurant in Pacific Place. The atmosphere was absolutely enchanting with its gold and russet plated walls and dim candlelight. The whole place was seemingly surrounded in a glow of soft chit chat and the fragrances of smoky dishes.

Roka has restaurants in Hong Kong & London & Canary Wharf. 

Atmosphere 5/5
Food 4/5 amazing but I have had better 
Price 3/5 quite over priced for its small portions but we were pretty satisfied

BUBBLY: The Ayala Zero Dosage Brut Nature, beautiful golden colour, kind of tart, not my fave.

The Tuna Salad 

The delicious Maki Rolls: Wagyu Beef Teriyakki & California roll

Me & Sam with our bubbly; The Ayala Zero Dosage 
The amazing mango yogurt cake concoction, the sugar behind was absolute heaven

After the lovely dinner, we went for a stroll before our movie started. Whizzing a little from our bottle of bubbly, we laughed at everything in sight!


Haha the guy that took the pic for us was disappointed that we didn't ask him to be in the picture!

I had an extremely lovely thursday evening. Heres to the start of the most wonderful time of the year!
Enjoy your holidays everyone!!! i hope you enjoyed today's post!

P.S Sherlock Holmes was absolutely AMAZING. I highly recommend it to everyone. If you haven't watched the first film, no biggie. GUYS if you're going to watch a film this christmas, forget breakign dawn. THIS IS THE ONE TO WATCH!!

til the next,

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