Monday, 5 December 2011

Think Pink! Travel Focus: James Flamingoes in Bolivia

Think pink! Look how pretty they are? Save the earth, save the flamingoes!
One of the most memorable sights I've seen in the middle of the Bolivian Laguna Colorao is the scattering of pink across one of the desert lakes.

Name: James Flamingo or also known as the Puna Flamingo
Found: Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina
Status: Rare and near extinct! Be careful everyone!

Haha you all must think i'm absolutely nuts to suddenly start talking about flamingoes!
What i'm trying to focus on here, is the beauty of our world, encourage conservation and of course, showing you all the joy of travelling!

Travel to Bolivia's Laguna Colorado to see the James Flamingos!!!
Enough blabbering from me, i'll let the photos inspire you 

The frosted Laguna Colorado lake where the dainty birds perched 

Beautiful pink wings dipped in ebony ink

Flock of Pink!

If only I looked that graceful perching on a lake!

Hope you enjoyed my travel photography! I definitely loved sharing them with you!
Please don't use my photos without permission! Feel free to leave a message and ask! Don't worry, I won't bite! ;)

P.S! Please feel free to leave any comments below if you enjoyed the photos!! i would be ever so happy!!

Til the next,

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