Saturday, 17 December 2011

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Hey guys :)

I got home last night and have just been unpacking, catching up with parents, you know all that stuff.  My dad recently went to New York for a business trip and went to abercrombie to pick up some jeans for me!

I went home to find this perfume sitting on my drawer, so I thought I would share it with you guys and one other perfume I recently purchased:

"A&F no. 1 perfume"

This smells exactly like the A&F shop itself.  I'm sure most of you have all been inside Abercrombie before, but for those who haven't, they have this signature scent and since I can't describe it, this is what the website says: fresh peony, tangelo, white pepper, sandalwood and crisp white pine.
However, I find that the smell isn't as "in your face" as the smell in the store if you know what I mean :P

As for the packaging, I think its very clean looking & the bow just makes it super super cute!!

Overall, I do like this perfume and I think its perfect for spring and summer, when you want a more crisp scent.  I will be using this interchangeably with my D&G light blue (go check them out if you haven't!)

Kate Walsh's "Boyfriend"

As for this perfume, the scent is described to be a mixture of dark plum, myrrh, night blooming jasmine, benzoin tears, skin musk, golden amber and vanilla woods.  

I personally find this scent very interesting -- it seems to smell different every time I smell it.  However, both my parents have told me that this scent is a little old for me.  I do have another friend who is the same age as I am who loves this as well (guess its a personal thing).

I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PACKAGING. the black and gold makes this perfume look super expensive and so pretty as a decoration!

Overall I still like this perfume, but I would consider this more to be a nighttime scent.  I also wouldn't recommend this for young teens, but more for people in their early 20s.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and found the review helpful!!
We also have a OOTD coming real soon,

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  1. too bad we cant smell over the internet yet ;) at least the packaging looks great and thanks for sharing! xoxo, saskia


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