Monday, 19 December 2011

I LOVE TORY BURCH - Fashion Haul!

Hey all you lovelies out there,

You probably all know about the absolutely beautiful brand TORY BURCH, famous for her deliciously classy flats & leather goods. I went on a slight shopping spree today (it is christmas after all!) and picked up some gorgeous things! The printed Tory Burch bags were just so exciting that I HAD to share them with you all! Hope you enjoy my first ever fashion haul post! ;)

Absoultely GORGE resort flats! Im ready for spring to come!

The lovely goddess guide by Gisele Scanlon (Must read ladies!) + My new classy clutch! Perfect for all occasions!

Heres a lil surprise gift for my wonderful best friend! ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with the colours and wrapping!

My new Work Heels -  sighhh need i say more?

Gorgeous printed shopping bags!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE to the MAX!

Call me a geek but I enjoyed myself immensely photographing the bags and shoes! I got so excited! 
What do you guys think of my fashion haul? I'd love to hear what other brands you guys think have the sexiest shopping bags and gift wrapping! Packaging definitely matters! These Tory Burch prints brightened my night!

Hope you enjoyed it!
Till the next,


  1. Love every single thing you got, love it! Especially the flats. Very very cute.


    PS: Silk scarf giveaway on my blog, please pass by to enter!

  2. Amazing shoes!

    Linda from

  3. I love it all! Great blog :)

  4. I LOVE TORY BURCH TOO! My top item on my Tory Burch wish list are those amazing, classic black flats with the gold hardware!


  5. Beautiful pics, thank u for sharing each one of them!
    Happy Friday!! kisses



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