Tuesday, 20 December 2011

NOTD & Small MAC Haul :)

Hey guys!

I finally got around to trying the butter london polishes and I have to say, I am VERY impressed with them.  They apply well & only needed 2 coats; each coat only took 5 minutes at most to dry, which is perfect for times if you want to get your nails done but don't have a lot of time to spare.

The shade I used today was Rosie Lee.  Its a really cute pink glitter polish, hope you guys like it!

Rosie Lee without flash

with flash

on my nails without flash

again with flash

Yesterday I also picked up 2 lipsticks from MAC: Creme D'Nude & Creme Cup.  Both are cremesheen lipsticks, which are one of the more hydrating MAC lipsticks.

Creme D'Nude is a nude color (as the name suggests), whereas Creme Cup is a light pinky color :)

Creme Cup (left), Creme D'Nude (right)

Creme D'Nude (left), Creme Cup (right) without flash

with flash

They go on very smoothly & are very hydrating! However, I still like to put on a layer of lip balm before applying lipstick.

I actually compiled a list of MAC lipsticks that I would want to purchase myself so I thought I would add it here if you guys wanted to check them out or give me feedback if you own these!

Creme D'Nude
High Tea

Creme Cup

Hang Up

Lady Bug

Of course there are more that I would want to try, but if I could only get a few, these would be the ones I would check out first.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday & that you enjoyed this post.  Leave a comment below with your favorite MAC lipsticks!


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  1. wow, I love that nail polish! it's such an amazing colour!


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