Saturday, 24 December 2011

Getting Those Killer Eyes...


I'm sure you guys have lots of parties/dinners lined up in the next few days with Christmas and New Years coming up and all -- these big gatherings give you the perfect opportunity to impress some guys and make things interesting ;)

Steph planned this all girls get together at Ritz Carlton, and I decided to finally try falsies for the first time!
(Though I did have other ones for my graduation, I didn't actually put them on myself)
False lashes are perfect for adding that extra something to complete your eye makeup.

I purchased the MAC no. 43 false lashes along with the duo adhesive.  They were surprisingly super easy to put on and looked natural but still gave me that extra volume and added intensity.  Highly recommend these ones! 

lashes are actually clusters of lashes linked by a transparent thread!
Since these lashes are actually clusters, they blend in so much better with your own lashes!

I also only own 2 fake lashes, so I like reusing mine: I would recommend only putting on mascara BEFORE applying lashes and not after if you wanna keep reusing them like me :)
Here are a few pics to show you how it looked on me:


side view

i also bought these two products yesterday from Giorgio Armani which i will be trying out!

Mascara is a good alternative for those who don't want to go all out and put on falsies, but still want to intensify their look :) I tried the benefit's they're real once and that was pretty good, but I heard lancome's doll hypnose & giorgio armani's eyes to kill were good so I wanted to try them out.

hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season & that you found this post helpful :D
what other MAC lashes do you recommend?

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