Monday, 5 December 2011

Please Allow Me To Introduce....

Nice to meet you all! ( Summer '11 in Korea)
from left to right: Mac, Steph

Its Stephanie and Maxine (Steph and Mac will do), and we've been BFFs (yes, cliche, i know) since fifth grade, and have shared everything from ice cream cones to urban decay palettes! Well, we've been thinking of doing a blog for the longest time, and now we finally started one!
Everyday, we're surrounded by so many pretty little things in our lives that we hope to share it with all our friends and family.

Just thought since you're reading our blog, you'd like to know a little bit about us!

So here are a few (S: just five, we honestly aren't that interesting) answered questions!

1. What is your favorite memory together?
S: *starts singing* s, s, s, s, m, m, m to Rihanna's song
M: getting lost every single time Steph drives just cause she has no sense of direction at all
S: HAHA thats only cuz my human GPS (maxine chan) fails! ;)

2. Describe each other in one word.
S: Mac is "Awkward"
M: enthusiastic.

3. What is something that cutely annoys you about the other person?
S: How she blows her nose when she eats spicy noodles...strange girl
M: how does cute and annoying even go together in a sentence?! i guess i would have to say how her much her nose sweats compared to an average person.

4. What are your interests (ie. what will you talk about in your posts)?
S: Photography, clothes, travel! But also a dash of everything else!
M: clothes, makeup, snowboarding, nail polish....

5. Things you can't live without?
S: My lovely friends and family (all that cheesy stuff), Snowball (my ridiculously annoying fluffball of a dog), my handy blackberry and of course Chinese food.
M: def friends and family, but also the internet, my phone & snowboarding :) 

Our little lifestyle blog will cover things like photography, travel memoires, yummy eats, pretty makeup looks and luxurious fashion!
Hopefully you all will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Till the next post,
Steph & Mac

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