Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dinner At China Club

Hello there,

The weekend is when work gets pushed aside and fancy dinners and late sleep-ins become priority!
For this Saturday's fancy dinner we have the extremely luxurious China Club, David Tang (Founder and Owner of Shanghai Tang)'s private club. Though not my first time to dine at the wonderful China Club restaurant, the quality and atmosphere never ceases to amaze me. Everyone dresses in their finest furs, coats and heels as they mingle with the gentle clink of champagne glasses and the soft melody of live music in the air. I do believe that this is the only place in Hong Kong that truly captures the exotic glamor of olden day Shanghai. This exclusive members only club is now one of my absolute favorite dinner places that I will be bringing my friends to again and again, the cha siu is to die for! Enjoy the photos!

A lovely dinner (mom,  me, Uncle Harris)
The cosy rooftop lounge area 

Amazing views from the rooftop

Super interesting artwork is scattered all over. David Tang definitely has a great eye for design. 

Art work all over

The Long March Bar ( Uncle Harris, Mom)
Check out the large shoe -->
Im in love with the wall paper!!
This, my friend is the elevator. Original prints of one of hk's beloved comic.
Well there you have it, Hope you enjoyed the photos as much I did taking them. How was your weekend?

till the next,

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