Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A shade of grey for a winter day


Hello there all you lovely people,
I woke up this morning to a massive sore throat, it felt like i was swallowing pins down my throat. Horrible horrible feeling, i would not wish this on anyone hence my little top tips post which you should definitely check out to make sure you don't end up like me! Today, all i wanted to do was make sure i was warm, comfortable and protected. Hence, the lovely warm turtleneck! Heres a tip girls, a figure hugging turtleneck is sexy and great for shielding your delicate throats from the harsh winter air. A sleek basic turtleneck is a great winter staple that you can glam up just by simply piling on accessories or leave classy and simple with a great pair of earrings. 

 Cape: Ines & Marechal (i love love loveee capes)
Turtleneck: Vert de R♥oe
Jeans + Belt: Cottonon
Scarf: Burberry
Heels: Ninewest
Earrings: A boutique in the Bvlgari Bali Resort

 hope you enjoyed today's look! Keep warm and have an amazing december,
till the next,

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