Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work OOTD!

              WORK OUTFIT OF THE DAY!             

Heres todays outfit of the day. Finally coerced myself to wear a skirt instead of pants. Please excuse the night pics, was super late this morning! All i was able to take was an xmas pic for you all! *see below!

Dress: Cottonon
Coat: Juicy Couture
Tights: streetside
Shoes: Evaluna (A pair I picked up in Sienna, Italy)
Tote: Louis Vuitton - sighh my beloved LV tote. Another one of those investments that are totally worth every single dollar.

P.s: My little xmas gift to you all:
My lil Pup Snowball says Hello to Everyone! 
Hope you guys enjoyed todays OOTD!

till the next,


Thank you so much for your comments! I read & love every single one, it's so very sweet of you all! xx

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