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My Personal Thoughts: Snowboarding


So I'm still halfway through my finals, hence the lack of time to take photos for OOTDs or ones for any decent post really...BUT! With the early La Nina season rolling in, I thought I would put up a post for those who love snowboarding/skiing as much as I do.

Since I went to high school in HK (CIS!), and only moved to Vancouver at the end of Aug 2010, I haven't had the luxury of going snowboarding every year.  On top of that, I've only been skiing twice when I was little.  However, during a ski trip in Jan 2010, I decided to try learning to snowboard instead.

IT WAS SO HORRIBLE AT FIRST.  Not only were my thighs burning like mad, but also my knees, wrists and tailbone hurt from the constant impact.  I literally could not finish one run without falling a couple of times, which was extremely discouraging.  I felt like I would never be able to carve, but thank goodness I didn't give up (even though I was so close to).

By the end of the season, I was able to go down green/blue runs perfectly fine, and this year I joined the Junior Patrol program up at Cypress Mountain. It is basically a program for students to gain experience as first aid ski patrollers.  With the job comes a free rentals, and free lift tickets all season (sweeeet deal right!).  But hey, the job isn't as easy as it sounds & I did take a 90 hour first aid course in the summer, so its not all fun and games!).

As junior patrollers, we pack toboggans and take them up the chair lifts in case they need them to transport injured people down to the first aid hut, do weather reports, fix boundaries and of course help injured people.

Enough rambling, here are some pics:

Really nice day out & as you can see, the runs were groomed too...

Hiking to the mid mountain weather station :)

Jacket: Salomon
Koala Toque: DeLux (link below!)
Goggles: Electric
Pants: North Face (gave them away, didn't like how they fit on me...)

The pictures above were all pics I took from the last season.  
There are a few changes to my outfit this season:
I bought mint green pants instead (the black ones kinda felt like bell bottoms), and I also got a new pair of goggles!

Sad story: During the first week of junior patrol, the weather was horrible - it was raining and snowing and windy; we put our jackets near a heater at the first aid hut to dry it off during the lunch hour....and long story short, the zipper on my jacket melted...I'm gonna have to replace that in the near future :(

Here are two pics I took so far this season:

Junior patrol crew: the jackets we have to wear are huge (XL)
& it makes me look like a big round snowman...

Goggles: Oakley stockholm with pink iridium lenses!

If you have any suggestions for what color jacket I should pair with my mint green pants, please let me know in the comment section below!
I hope you liked this post!
To those who aren't a big fan of winter sports, sorry for my little ramble.
And for those who have yet to try skiing/snowboarding, I highly encourage you to try it out ASAP!!

Until the end of finals,

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