Monday, 5 December 2011

NOTD: Essie's Mint Candy Apple

Hey guys, 

So excited to post my first Nails of the Day! I'm actually in the middle of studying for finals right now, so Steph will be doing most of the blogging for the time being...However, I thought i'll quickly drop by and make a short post before going back to studying :)

Since I was small, I have loved everything mint: gum, chocolate, toothpaste...literally anything mint.  Recently, I also purchased mint green snowboarding pants (♥), and when I saw this Essie nail polish, it reminded me so much of my pants and mint that I just had to get it! 

the nail polish with a black background & flash

on my nails, no flash

again but with flash
(you can see my cheatsheets at the back....sigh)

"Mint Green Apple" with a white background & no flash

again with flash

As you can see, I'm nowhere near as good as Steph at taking pics...I hope she doesn't kill me for posting ugly pics, but what can I do :P

I absolutely love the color of this polish, but this was a little harder to apply compared to my other ones.  The first coat was very uneven, so I applied a total of 2 coats & topped it off with a top coat.  Other than that, no complaints!

Along with the Essie polish, I also bought 3 Butter London ones:
they are soooo prettyyyy
from left to right: West End Wonderland, Rosie Lee & Chancer

I have yet to try these out, so I will do a blog post of these later on but I would love to wear Chancer for Christmas and West End Wonderland for New Years!

Let me know what your favorite Essie and Butter London polishes are!  Or if you have any tips for applying them, that would be great too.


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