Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fabulously British in Hong Kong!

Hey all you sweethearts out there,

Today we bring you some pics from the gorgeous Jack Wills store in hk!

Jack Will has been open for a while here in HK, but it's me and mac's first visit to the lovely navy and pink striped store! (had to wait for mac to come back ;)

This Fabulously British store is pretty much the UK equivalent of US' Abercrombie & Fitch mixed with a little bit of Victoria Secret. (Have you seen their sexy + cosy Pjs?)

*Extremely overpriced! HKD$4000 for a blazer?? Not even the sexiest red military blazer is worth that steep price! 
*Fabrics for the scarves are a little rough, I'm definitely not one who can stand scratchy scarves!


*The beautiful colors and design of the store! It's absolutely gorgeous!
*The Military Jackets are to die for!
*Cutest color combinations for scarfs, socks and accessories alike!
*Looking for a xmas gift? Their gift wrap boxes are the most adorable things.
*Great place to take photos ;) AND, their staff are all extremely sweet & helpful!

Enjoy the photos! We had an amazing time browsing, even if you're not there to shop, it is definitely a great place to stop by and indulge in some colorful eye candy!


-S & M

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