Tuesday, 13 December 2011

7 tips to ward off a winter cold

Hello all you lovely people out there,
I hope you're wrapping up super warm because the weather is seriously starting to frost up. Take care of yourselves in the winter! It's important not to get sick because you have so much to look forward to this christmas season. From parties to dinners, ice skate dates and end of year sale shopping sprees, energy and health is a MUST in all your festive activities! I have unfortunately already began to sniff and have used up a few boxes of soft white tissues, i'm definitely feeling a little weak and its horrible. But! It's not too late to save yourselves!!!!

Don't get sick you guys!! 

Here are a few tips to help strengthen your immune system and keep you from falling ill:

1. Drink lots of fluids! Think warm water, try to avoid hot chocolate as it might make your throat itchy.

2. Always wear a scarf to keep the cold winds away from your throat!

3. Load up on the Vitamin C! Think orange juice and vitamin supplements. A slice of lemon or lime in your water is better than nothing. 

4. Catch some major Zzzzzs. This is extremely important. We need a minimum average of around 7-9 hours of sleep a day, females more so than men. A good nights sleep helps power your immune system. I am living proof of what happens when you don't get enough sleep (guess 5 hours a night finally took its toll on me!)

5. Laugh and have fun! Believe it or not, feeling happy and stress-free helps boost your immune system. So run away from the winter blues and go relax with a good friend.

6. Now for eating, cut sugar and try some fresh garlic to ward off colds! Also good is Elderberry extract which is good to take when you're around sick people as it lessens the chance of you contracting the illness. 

7. Last but not least, just take care of yourselves. Don't run around in your underwear right after you come out of a steaming hot shower and always always try to put on a warm sweater or robe right when you wake up. A few extra minutes of care is worth the prevention of a snotty nose and winter blues!

Take care of yourselves and hope you enjoyed this post!
Keep warm!


  1. hej there,
    you have a nice blog and I really like it!

    Check out mine if you have not yet :)

  2. awwwwwwww he's sooo cuteee! I had a Samoyed named Yoko for 17 years :')


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