Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Romantic ethereal braids for our everyday style

        Braids are the classy must-know hairstyles a girl can have (apart from a chignon of course but it's not everyday that we have a ball to attend darling). Tired of your regular plain-jane-plait? Here are two styles that are sure to add a lovely beautiful charm to your regular braids. 

The rope twist on myself
The Rope Twist
"Romantic and simple, makes you feel like a princess "

 This classical twist adds a beautiful Rapunzel-esque charm to your everyday hairstyle. Though it looks complicated, it is in fact extremely simple and easy to accomplish!

Beginner tip: Tie your hair into a low side pony before starting!

1. Split hair into 2 strands
2. Twist both individual strands away from the face, ie. if braid is on left shoulder, twist anticlockwise and vice versa!
3. Now wrap the outside strand over inside strand in the other direction
4. Secure it tightly with a band and now you have a lovely rope braid!

Hot tip: When i first started, i always got a friend to help me hold one of the strands so that they wouldn't spring away from my grasp! 
The Herringbone on my lovely friend Ashlee

The Herringbone Plait
"Are you ready to release your inner siren?"

Delicate and intricate, this pretty plait will give you the charm of an alluring mermaid.

Beginner tip: Try it on a friend first! This plait is super easy in concept but hard to do it neat and well for yourself at first!

1. Starting near the base of your head, split hair into two strands.
2. Now take a small piece of hair from the outer sides of one of your strands
3. And cross it over to the opposite strand (so it's kinda like you're taking a bit of hair and transferring it to the other strand)
4. Keep crossing the strands into the opposite bunches until you get a long plait!

Hot tip: The smaller the pieces incorporated, the more delicate your plait!

Hope I didn't confuse you girls too badly with this! If you have any further questions regarding these plaits, please feel free to comment below or email me directly! I would be more than happy to help!

Till the next,

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