Sunday, 8 January 2012

Excited for a New Year of Adventures!

Hi all you lovely readers,
I hope your New Years went well! It feels unreal to get back down from all the holiday hype and back into work. A New Year is our chance for whole new experiences and adventures, it's the time to either go strong on what you already have, or to take the leap and start afresh.

I should know, I had a whole pre-life (I AM only 19 afterall!) crisis where I completely changed my major and chose to follow my passion in life. It sounds much scarier than it seems! Being in a specialized Swiss Hotel Management School, I had to completely change from one uni to another. Everything seemed so daunting. In the moments leading up to my decision, there were a million what-ifs and scenarios where nothing would work out. 

Yet, the one thing that really stood out for me was, What if I ended up pursuing something in life that I wasn't passionate about? I did NOT want to be the girl stuck in a dead end job that she hated. So I did all I can to make sure that didn't happen. AND you know what? it was singularly the BEST decision of I have made in my life. I am now going to study the things I love (Graphic design at the London College of Communication) and starting my first day as a fashion intern at Prestige Magazine in HK! So all you lovely readers out there -if I haven't lost you due to my frantic mind babble, Heres what i suggest for your New Years resolution: Find something you love in your life, something that makes you happy and excited, and DO IT

on another note:
Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely turquoise & black striped trousers from the lovely ASOS site! <-- the direct link to the pants! These trousers were a lovely shade of blue and I just adored the whole whimsical nature of it all! I got so many compliments on them, so I was extremely happy! Talk about a good investment! Plus, they're super duper comfortable! The photos were shot in the Library of the China Club (one of my fave member clubs in HK, best food ever! See HERE for more pics in the club!) Hope you enjoy them! xx

Top: Zara
Pants: Asos (see link above!)
Heels: NineWest
Necklace: Juicy Couture (Not that you can rly see in these pics, but it was GORGE with the outfit! See the post on the necklace HERE!

Hope you enjoyed the pics + outfit!
till the next,


  1. Hej there,
    your blog is so amazing!
    So cute :)

    check out mine if u have not yet!

  2. Love the jeans ! I thought they were Motel at first but when I saw that they were ASOS I had to take a peek online :)

  3. The jeans are gorgeous, very cool style <3

  4. i love so much u blog...u are really nice :)
    follow me on my fashion blog :)

  5. this is a beautiful post, I believe in everything u said =)
    WAY TO GO!!!

  6. Those pants are really legit! Very cool blog.

  7. ahah your comments are so funny, thank u =)
    the follow button is on the top left!

  8. amazing outfit I love it!

  9. I like your blog! I'm following now! :)

  10. hej there,
    you have a nice blog and I really like it!

    Check out mine if you have not yet [:)]

  11. I love what i see here!

  12. we love your jeans! they are so cool! and the place is really amazing!!

  13. Nice outfit! I actually like the chair too! :P xx


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