Sunday, 22 January 2012

Clara Bow & The Roaring Twenties; style icon inspired shoot

Hello there all you lovelies, hope you've all been smashingly well!
With the end of January comes the lovely Chinese New Year Holidays, this means lots of free time to chill, read, blog + take photographs! With all the great Gatsby hype, i know i have been crazing over all things golden, fringed and fabulous! Flipping through a vintage style book, I discovered the style icon Clara Bow. Familiar? or not so much? Read on to find out!

Well, Clara was the star of silent films in the 1920's, even earning the name of the "It Girl" after starring as a spunky shopgirl in the film 'It' and soon came to personify the roaring twenties and has also been described as a leading sex symbol. The girl was famous for her accented heart shape lip-stick and cupids bow. I became absolutely infatuated and decided to do a photoshoot with the great Ms. Bow as my inspiration.  I greatly hope you enjoy my photos and tell me what you think! Which is your favorite? 

Also, please give a large hand to my Clara Bow lookalike, one of my best girls, India Ballard. 

Please note that all the photos on this page are not to be taken without my permission, please email me for any enquiries: If you're interested in a photoshoot, email me and i'll see what i can do! 


till the next!
Hope you enjoyed the photographs!


  1. I didn't know her, such an elegant lady! Lovely blog dear!


  2. oh wow, amazing photos!!! they look so professional, are you a photographer?



  3. I stand for the last comment: Are you a professional photographer? These photos are amazing! I didn't know Clara Bow, glad I discovered her =)

  4. That's so vintage! I love the haedband and the jewelries! Of course I keep on stopping by ( if you do the same for me).
    Love William

  5. Gorgeous photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  6. Thank you dear, you're so, so sweet *.*.*.* my grandparents were such an inspiration, love and miss them so much. I send you a friend request on facebook dear ;) with the administrator page, because our official page is we just opened last friday, we're just starting now on facebook ;) kisses honey, have a wonderful day!

  7. man these shots are amazing! x

  8. amazing pictures!very nice blog!
    maybe we could follow each other??

  9. gorgeous pictures! love love love!


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