Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Life in a day of a Fashion Intern: Busy as a Bee!

Hey all you lovelies out there!

So sorry for the lack of update, I've been super duper busy juggling work with what little social life I have left! If you guys don't know yet, I'm currently the Fashion Intern at Prestige Magazine! I'm extremely bad at adjusting to life back at work (haha yes, i've gotten lazy during the hols!!)

Don't worry, I've totally been taking photos everyday documenting my work outfits which I promise to upload at the end of the week. Meanwhile, heres a sneak peak at the duties of a fashion intern:

So the mornings start at 9:00 - 9:30 every morning! My colleagues are super sweet and pretty flexible with my work times!

My First Few Duties

- Looking through this season's (SS12) runway trends and choosing my picks for the magazine. I swear my eyes are going zig zaggy by the end of the day from sorting through all the designers photos! A good kind of Zig Zaggy of course ;)

- Learning how to pronounce designer names; i.e Moschino = Mos-KEE-no and Balenciaga = Balen-SEE-aaaga.

- I do some random mini things for the fashion shoots such as pick up the props, steam the garments and bring them to the location. I saw the most GORGEOUS fashion collection today at the shoot! Crazy beautiful Turquoise Louboutin Heels! I swear I'm in love!

- Work on articles, currently one about designers and their muses and one about the catwalk shoe designers.

- Contacting a LOT of PR representatives and chasing them for info and photos!!!

So far thats all I've got! Pretty hectic work for only three days but I'm LOVING IT <3 Can't wait for more excitement to come!! Life's pretty good as far as I'm concerned, they haven't even asked me to get coffee yet!

I promise I'll update you by the end of the week!

kisses and lovee


  1. Sounds like a great internship! I guess one doesn't really bother much to be super busy when you're doing what you like! I found the part in which you said you are learning how to read the designer names very amusing! I guess you should publish the whole list sometime, so that we would all know how to name them correctly (for me, because I'm portuguese, those two weren't a problem, but the asian ones are really tricky for me!)

    You have a really great blog! Congrats!

  2. Sweetie all the best for your internship :D this photo is so adorable, you're beautiful! *.*.*.* thank you for follow us, we follow you too :') love your blog, by the way, are you on facebook? we have to like your page ;) ***** kisses, have a nice day!

  3. Love your ourtfit!!!

  4. The sea looks so blue....!!!


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