Monday, 23 January 2012

My 5 Favorite Lovers + Cupcake Shoot Sneak Peek!

Hello all you lovelies out there,
Its soon to be that time of the year again, the wonderfully romantic (or dreadfully horrendous) Valentine's day! A day to celebrate love and all things romantic. And what better way to do that than to give you a list of 5 of my all time favourite couples and love stories? Be it reality or fiction, its important to know that romance DOES still exist! So read on and hope you enjoy ;)

Oh yes, and here are some sneak peek shots of the cupcake photoshoot i did today, promise to put those pix up soon! p.s, they were absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! who says cupcake in a box can't taste good eh? xx

# 1: Prince Albert & Queen Victoria
This royal love story is about a queen who never stopped mourning her beloved king, wearing black for a total of more than 40 years. It's so great to see arranged marriages become something so wonderful!

#2 Bonnie & Clyde
Lovers and outlaws. Can their story get more thrillingly romantic? The element of danger, passion and love is something one can only dream about. 

#3 Keith Richards & Patti Hansen
Rock n Roll lovers, Richards of the Rolling Stones and Model Hansen have stuck through the tumultuous periods of rock n roll and are still GOING STRONG to this day. Inspiration.

#4 Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Heart-throb playboy movie star Newman surprised the world with how deeply in love he was to Joanne Woodward. The pair was married for fifty years till Newman's death in 2008. Sighh, now thats a girl who made a playboy settle down. 

#5 John Lennon & Yoko Ono
These famous artists are famous for their partnership upon the path of art, love and activism that is widely noted for it's production of creativity and inspiration.

Now then, the moment you've all been waiting for..or not? hahah! Here are some sneak peek shots of our cupcake shoot today! ;) enjoy! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, 
So tell me, who's your favorite couple?


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  2. Hmm I don't really have a favourite couple in the famous world, but I do like your blog! You have beautiful photos! I'm a blogger too :) :)

  3. This post is awesome ! I would also add Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart among my fave couples ;)

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  4. Wow, what an amazing post! Such beautiful pictures! ♥

    Linda from


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